Who is this guy?

Neatly side-stepping the whole existential question, I am a writer of mainstream fiction, essays and random rambles on any topic that seizes my attention. I am a child of the Sixties, a believer in the magic that people create together and a student of ethics.  As you might discern from my writing my way forward has frequently involved roadblocks, shifting itineraries and occasional treks through deep mud and dark woods. It hasn't always been rewarding or even much fun. Still, I wouldn't change my life's path if I could because it brought me here / now and throughout, I've written. Writing is the thing I do because I simply can't not.

From high school through a hitch in the Navy and the period after, I filled notebooks with poetry and essays, wrote and performed songs in churches and bars and meanwhile, thought about ideas for book-length fiction. This led me in the early 1980s to write By Other Means and Winter, two novels that taught me a lot but were never published. I wrote in the middle of the night on a manual typewriter and also in stolen moments and breaks from my paying jobs on one of the pads of foolscap that were always with me. And lemme tell you – writing and rewriting a 330-page manuscript on a Smith Coronamatic manual-electric is proof positive that the writing bug has taken hold.


In the late 1980s my attentions were blissfully redirected toward raising a family, so I had to work to find opportunities to write in the small nooks and crannies of life as father and spouse and wage earner and mower-of-lawns. But always, the stories in my head continued to percolate so that when I finally made a start at The Patent Desk it fairly flowed out the ends of my fingers and onto the page. And now, having endured a round of rejections and with my editorial readers' comments as guideposts, I find myself reframing The Patent Desk while looking forward to the next book, and the next... 


Whatever else I might be called, I am and intend to continue to be a writer. But always and evermore, my proudest and most important role is that of husband to Mary and father to our two adult daughters, whose efforts to improve me are ongoing. 

Published work

Blog The View From the Briarpatch 2010-2017

Thoughts, screeds and general missives on life and the fine art of noticing. 

The Millenium - Regular column in a couple of tiny newspapers 1997-2001

These were student publications, nothing exalted but I learned a lot.

Leisure time

Road trips - Love me some road trips!

I have set foot in every state of the Union and try as often as possible to travel on local roads rather than interstates. My favorite travel activity is the stop-and-stare. 


Flat water, float and burp, stop and stare - No Class IVs for this boy, thank you!

Special Skills



Noticer of the arcane and inscrutable.

Author (Not the same as writer - we can talk.)

Lover of dogs (and some-but-not-all cats)

Annoyer of wife and daughters

Purveyor of puns

My next thing

We shall see...!


In an earlier life, percussion, trombone and mallets. Nowadays, occasional noodling on the guitar to accompany my croaking, and I always have something running in the background whilst I write - lately much taken with Ana Vidovic, Trans-Siberian Orchestra  and Hilary Hahn.