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I've been so busy with prepping for our house move and my day job, I confess to having neglected the ol' website this past several days. Sorry about that. 

 July 4, 2021 - Still not political 

I swore that in offering my meanderings here, I would not stray into potentially contentious discussion of matters political and I believe I’ve kept my word. However, I did not forswear the occasional commentary on our culture as it evolves (or perhaps in this time, devolve is a more accurate term). I hope and trust you will accept the occasional foray into this realm as my thoughts concerning these matters without ascribing a particular political bent to my words.

As I’ve said in earlier entries in my former blog, an analysis based solely on my voting patterns over the years – if I shared them with you, which I won’t – would leave you hard pressed to call me this or that with any certainty, regardless of what I may have said or what you may have thought you heard. As a citizen and thinking human my ultimate opinion, desire and hopes are expressed primarily at the ballot box and I consider those trips to the polls intensely private.

Too late

22 July, 2021

You may have read the story of a doctor in Alabama who was crushed when asked by Covid-infected patients for the vaccine and had to reply, “I’m sorry; it’s too late.”  Seems a fair number of people, when faced with their own impending mortality reach out for the thread of hope that they had ignored or even refused right up to the moment their own symptoms started.

I’m NOT taking a poke at those folks. We all make decisions where and when we are with the information we trust. For their own reasons, some folks chose to follow a path that left them vulnerable. Goodness knows, I’ve made a few bad decisions along the way. And I do feel bad for those whose choices have betrayed them.

‘Too late’ may be among the saddest utterances ever spoken. It conveys a truth that we’ve all heard in those moments when opportunity is overcome by consequence. It applies as you realize you can’t avoid hitting the guardrail, as the cup of coffee just starts to spill over, as you spot the now-pink, formerly white dress shirt in the dryer load. I know I confronted it as I lost my grip on the ladder.

Too late. Opportunity gone. Consequence now in play.

This is the point in the missive at which I’d intended to share a list of actions for which it’s not too late. But no, I think I’ll rely on the hive mind to provide the wisdom of collective experience. If you’re reading this in Facebook, I encourage you to reply with your thoughts on those actions, activities, whatever for which it is not too late.

I’ll start: Today, tell a person you love that you do, and a person you don’t know that they bring value to your life. Pet the dog and do one or three of the chores for which your spouse has been patiently waiting. Doesn’t have to be something big; just has to be in time. Just has to be now. 

Oh, and please, get vaccinated. Before it’s too late.