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I've been so busy with prepping for our house move and my day job, I confess to having neglected the ol' website this past several days. Sorry about that. 

Nov 1, 2020 - Since I've been consumed with our relocation and a number of you (Hey, 2 is a number, right?) have expressed interest, I've created a new page with some videos chronicling my change of shop spaces. I hope you enjoy. 


Where is this going?

11 April, 2021

The truth is, I don’t know. As I approach retirement I intend to use this site (or something like it, depending on where the technology of social media goes) to stay in touch with the world.  

I have been giving a lot of thought to the wealth of time that will become mine to use when I don’t have 7-10 hours of paid work using up the bulk of my day. Of course, there are family things we’ll be doing as we open up from Covid. Day excursions in our region, road trips to see the bro, flying trips to reconnect with other relatives. And there are hundreds of cool things to see within a day’s drive of where I sit typing this, so exploration can happen as the mood strikes us without the need for updating passports or going through security lines. But those adventures notwithstanding, I’ll have a lot of time on my hands.  

I hope to pick up guitar again – pun intended – and we’ll see whether the crazy hands cooperate. I’ll spend a couple-three hours most days in the shop converting wood chunks into wood things. I’ve lots of ideas, a much longer list than my expected longevity will support so no worries there. And once I don’t need the second desk to accommodate my paid work habits, I intend to build a small woodcarving bench to keep me occupied on those days when it’s just too cold out in our garage shop for fine work.  

Writing is likely to be part of the mix as long as I walk the earth. As you can readily discern for yourself, I got this site up and running with my daughter’s help but I’ve treated it fairly casually. I post at least weekly but many weeks, only the one entry. I’ve paused on posting new fiction until I figure out what I want to do with it. And I’ve done none of the things you would do if you wanted to build a readership. But once I retire I hope to get more disciplined and more reader-focused in this part of the site. We’ll see where it goes from there.  

As to the woodworking side of things, I intend to get much more ambitious in sharing my thoughts and adventures. I’ll probably build a gallery page and continue to post bloggish entries now and again. But the center of mass will be videos of my woodworking adventures. Not How-To snippets. There are plenty of videos in the YouTubeiverse for the beginner wanting to learn to cut dovetails or sharpen chisels. I’ve no interest in becoming yet another self-proclaimed woodworking sage. And besides, while some of them are wonderful and well worth our time and attention (Paul Sellers, Mary May, Mark Spagnuolo, Stumpy Nubs, Tamar at 3x3, Kreuger, Ramsey, etc.), MANY others are not. I don’t have the time or focus to produce videos as professional as those by Rob Cosman or Ashley Harwood and I’ve no interest in adding to the quick-and-easy approach of the schlock artistes.  

My intent is to stay away from normative proclamations (you should) in favor of just sharing with friends. This webpage will be about what I’m doing in my shop with my decent-but-not-extensive collection of tools and the blended power tool / hand work approach that allows me to continue practicing the craft with crazy hands (essential tremor) and the limitations imposed by having broken my back a few years ago, which has left me severely limited in terms of some body movements. I will offer a chronicling of my journey and my techniques, sort of a “Gramps’ Workshop” sort of thing. I hope to build friendships among the folks who are interested. Mostly, I want to make it a familiar and friendly place to visit. 

Speaking of my writing (Okay we weren’t but we are now; my site / my rules!), I’ve had several people ask me what ever happened to my book-length fiction, especially but not only ‘The Patent Desk.’ I do intend to significantly rewrite that one because the kind but serious feedback I received from many of you made me decide I love this set of characters but the plot is schlock. Bottom line - when a cousin you respect tells you she enjoyed it but knew what was going to happen in the first few chapters, time to reconsider.  As to my earlier efforts, ‘By Other Means’ was overtaken by events decades ago, so it’s a dead dog. ‘Winter’ is still in the running for reimagining; we’ll see.  

I hope by this time next year to be publishing a rewritten ‘The Patent Desk,’ probably at about a chapter per week through this or whatever website I have up by that time.  

So, that’s where we are. I intend and believe I will continue communicating through the Web. I hope you’ll continue to meet me here. Meanwhile, I hope this finds you well and happy.