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Nov 1, 2020 - Since I've been consumed with our relocation and a number of you (Hey, 2 is a number, right?) have expressed interest, I've created a new page with some videos chronicling my change of shop spaces. I hope you enjoy. 


Giving thanks

29 Nov, 2020

You might be forgiven for assuming from the title that this missive would involve listing all the things for which I’m thankful but that list would be longer than I’ve time to type this morn. Also, potentially boring, since most such lists include basically the same things and even in much the same order.  

This is not to say that assembling a thankfulness list is a wasted endeavor. Far from it. At least daily, I find myself stopping to ponder the good things life has brought me, if only to take my mind off some of the negatives of living in this where-when. So I frequently find myself running my internal inventory of positives. It helps, even if only momentarily.  

One thing I like to do is to thank folks in situ for their contributions to my life. So when I had to make the crap-I-forgot-the… run to the grocery story on Thanksgiving morning, I made a point of thanking the stockers and cashiers with whom I dealt for working the holiday.  

I thanked the post lady (we’re on a rural, contractor delivery route) and chatted with her for a moment. It was nice.  

Mary and I thank each other for even mundane things like doing the dishes or taking out the recycling. And at the end of the day, we acknowledge the other’s efforts in support of the common weal.  

And of course, I am forever grateful for and to the few of you who take the time to peruse my offerings here. This is largely a journal, yes, but it is such a positive to know someone is listening. At risk of seeming hyperbolic, I truly can’t thank you enough.  

I hope this finds each and all of you with something for which to be thankful. Or especially, someone. And I hope you’ll express your thankfulness in some meaningful way. In these tough times, it’s one of those things that makes me feel connected in a positive way.  

That’s it for today. Be well and happy and I’ll be back soon.